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Disclaimer: All products are for your personal exploration and educational purposes only in support of re-balancing your energy field. It is not FDA approved nor is it intended to be used as a medical device nor substitute for medical treatment, diagnose, treat, nor cure disease. Please consult your licensed professional for all health concerns. No claims are made and Individual results may vary than those self reported.

More than just a foot spa with its normal detox functions, this unit has German technology for making antidote remedies while detoxifying.

Your New Ionic Detox System Specs:
Three great therapies in one device – Remedy maker, Ionic detox and far infrared therapy (FIR). During foot detox sessions, you can also use the FIR belt to relieve muscle aching, increase the cell's activities and accelerates blood circulation. FIR belt may also be used independent of ionic detox. Three different intensity levels are available for the FIR belt.

Package including:
Ionic Detox Machine, 2 arrays,1 wrist strap, 12V Battery power cord, Infrared FIR belt, instruction manual. Aluminum carrying case, 90 day warranty

Amish Foot Spa

$800.00 Regular Price
$495.00Sale Price
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